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If you enjoy living in the moment and sharing your experiences, you will want to use the status feature in Whatsapp. It allows you to share images, videos, text, and sounds with all of your followers and contacts for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it’s gone! Much like our precious hours in this world, it cannot be archived or saved. But status videos will matter, as they show everyone in our contacts we are loving life and living it fully.We have huge Gujarati status video collection for download in various category like sad status, love status, attitude status, status for husband, status for wife in punjabi, hindi, english and tamil language.

Show Love with Video statuses

Make Love, Sad, Dance, Attitude, Happy Birthday Wishes, Devotional, Friendship Video In Gujarati Language and share with your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife, Brother, Father, Sister, Friend. You can also make tiktok video from these short 30 second videos and put it on your Whatsapp Status And Facebook Status or you can also share video on social media. we have also collection in other langauge check here punjabi status video

Makes video statuses with your love one.

Celebrate the lives of the people who brought you into this world by creating video statuses on short movies clips and songs. Although you will not want to hear this, it is important: We only have a limited time to spend with our love ones. So it is important to be with them now. Show everyone how much your father loves his songs collection he has collected over the years! Don’t forget to let everyone see how beautiful your mother’s Dance is. Your parents or your love one may not understand why you are creating videos in the beginning, but they’ll come around when they see all of the comments and likes and put video on you whatsapp status.

The best way to express your feelings is to express them through songs. In this era of high technology and gadgets we have so many social platforms to express our feelings. Status videos are one of the best ways to show your love to your beloved ones.

On this website you will come across the collection of whatsapp status songs that can be downloaded anytime and anywhere you need it. Here is the list of old songs, new songs, romantic songs as well as sad songs whichever you need according to your mood. Just go through the list and you can download your favourtie song in just few seconds.

Listening to your favorite songs in your native language gives you the best feeling ever. Finding video status in your native language is sometimes difficult, but now it will be easy to get them through this website. If you are searching to download Tamil whatsapp status videos then you are on the correct destination. Not only Tamil language but you can find every type of video status here in languages such as Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi and many more.

If you are finding it difficult to show your love to someone special then take the help of songs and tell them indirectly whatever you want to say. Some old songs with simple lyrics can make your special one feel more special. Romantic songs to shower you love is also a great choice. Show them how much you love and care for them through this whatsapp status songs.

Some songs are very close to your heart as they are relatable to your mood and sometimes your situation. You wish to keep them in your device and listen to them whenever you want to hear them. So if you are willing to do something like this then just go through our website and search your song, get it downloaded and listen to it whenever and wherever you want to hear them. If you want to download whatsapp status in Tamil language then you can easily get them here.

Your favourite singer and your favourtie songs are just few clicks away. Go through our collection and get them in your device. You can put them at your stories on social media or send them to someone special. Small things always matters a lot. The video of few seconds can make you live your past moment once more. Everyone has some great and happy moments as well as sad moments in their life that are impossible to forget. Some people love to remember the special day of their life that they have spent with their beloved ones. You can capture that moment in form of pictures and videos or relate a song with that day to feel the moment.

Sometimes when you listen to a song they make you remember the person or the day that you have spent in past and that song makes a special place in your heart. Whenever you listen to that song immediately that person strikes to your mind and you try to relive that moment.

There are thousands of songs with meaningful messages that are available in multiple languages. There are more than thirty languages spoken in our country and it is not possible that a single person may know each and every language. They can speak and understand two to three languages properly, from which their mother tongue is the first one. People living in Southern parts of India speak languages such as Tamil, Malyalam, Telugu and many more others. Speaking hindi is a bit difficult for them as they regularly speak all those languages. Same thing is applicable to those who are living in North India, they can speak Hindi and other northern languages rather than speaking all this southern languages. So everyone has their own taste and choice.

Keeping all these things in mind we provide you whatsapp status videos in mostly all languages so that you can enjoy your memories by listing to some mind blowing songs. Save it to your device and listen to them whenever you like to hear them. It is said that listening to your favourite music can decrease your stress to a minimum percentage. Your brain starts to function well when you listen to music. It helps you feel fresh and relaxed. Put your headphones on and make a fresh start to do the work. There are some people that are so much addicted to music that they cannot work efficiently if they do not listen to their loved playlist. They find the day boring and its uneasy to work for them without songs.

So if you are also a music addicted person and feel shy to express your feelings than take the help of these songs and show that how much you care about the one mentioned in the song.

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